Thunderstorm winds and lightning kill 20

    Storms developed on March 23, 2005 in a tornado watch. At least 16 people were killed across Bangladesh. The deaths were
    scattered in nature and were the result of strong straight line winds and lightning. Lightning killed 4 people working in a field.
    An outflow boundary can be seen on the 06 UTC  Mar 23 surface map. Surface dewpoints south of this boundary were in the
    mid to upper 70s(24 to 25C) and surface based lifted indices ranged from -9 to -12 along and south of this boundary. Some of
    these deaths may have been from storms on March 22.

    A jet streak was approaching Bengal as seen from the UKMET 250mb initialization. The 12 UTC 200mb reanalysis can be found
    here. The 500mb chart at 12 UTC March 23 showed a shortwave trough over western India. I analyzed this map despite the very
    poor data quality over India, and the paucity of upstream data. The large view and small view  12UTC March 23 UKMET
    initialization 500mb maps are also available.